Introduction Page to Aquarium supplies & plants

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Freshwater aquarium plants are a great addition to your fish tank with many benefits.We offer the Best selection of aquarium plants, co2 supplies, reactors diffussors and more.

    Benefits of freshwater aquarium plants
    • Freshwater Plants provide oxygen
    • Aquarium plants Give smaller fish and baby fry places to hide
    • Removes nitrates, nitrites and ammoniafrom your fish tank
    • Gives aquarium fish a sense of security
    • Look beautiful and provide a natural enviroment (Takashi Amano)
    • Picture of a freshwated planted co2 enriched tank, power compact lighting 3.5 watts per gallon, with a blue discus, rotala macronda, rotala magenta, anubius, and giant hygro. Forground aquarium plant mico e tennelles.


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